• Spirit of Creation
    Reggie Thomson is a multi skilled professional who works with entrepreneurs in the service and marketing industries. Extraordinarily well-organised Reggie's strengths are all about planning and then reliable multi-tasking across the span of hardware, databses and network management. My name is Kevin Gavaghan. I am innovator and Spirit of Creation is a leader in collaborative service design a process for turning clients' good ideas into working service. I would recommend Reggie to any business; Reggie caresabout his clients….
  • Amos and Amos
    As a small business, i am not in a position to employ full-time IT personnel, so Reggie Thompson's independent expertise and input was a godsend. He has always provided me with a great personal, efficient and friendly service. He has helped me to get my fledgling business fit for purpose by suggesting, installing and taking me through the relevant hardware and software that has allowed me to operate seamlessly. As business has grown, he has further helped understand how i can get the best out of my software, recommending subsequent upgrades, without having to make unnecessary costly purchases. Straightforward, knowledgable and easy to deal with, I wouldn't hesitate recommending Reggie's services to another business.

  • Izzy Goldman
    Reggie Thompson has reduced stress on numerous occasions when computer problems have threatened my sanity. He is reliable, efficient, good-humoured and highly skilled. I recommend him highly!

  • Mad Hen
    Reggie is a 'fixer', and a great one at that. I've known Reggie for many years and whether he's supplying product or fixing hardware and software issues, he's always there to help. A really great ally to have.